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New Vegeta clothes for new culinary stories

The most famous Podravka brand and your faithfull companion in every tastfull meal for over the 50 years, these days will be in new packaging design in the stores. New packaging design in the future will be present in more that 40 markets of the world.

Did you know?

74.100.000pcs of different Vegeta products has beed produced yearly.

Rich vegetables that fulfill your kitchen with smells and tastes, is highlighted on the front side and goes to back side of the packaging. New packaging desing has spoon of Vegeta – element that has important place in each consumers  consciousness. Refresh appearance has been given to Vegeta logo, letters, shape and well-known Vegeta chef.

New packaging design, new trends

Changing Vegeta packaging is not frequent process for several reasons: firstly because of complexity of process, several different grammature of products in whole assortment, secondly because of loyal consumers' habits. However, new culinary trends represents inspiration for new packaging design.

Vegeta keep an eye on consumers habits but also is trend setter that inspire you to new cooking style. Vegeta's goal is to induce your creativity in the kitchen, give you encourage for preparation and test of new recepies. Thats why new packaging design is here – as a simbol of chages in the kitchen that from just cooking space become place of association and sharing with friends, playground for culinary creativity and place of good emotions.


New packaging design has been made for all of you that enrich your dishes with Vegeta but also for those who will step in the kitchen and discover fantastic culinary world.

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